The Three C’s
When we were re-imagining the firm in 2014, we wanted to make sure that our new name embodied the full spirit of how we intend to service our clients. During our discussions, three words rose to prominence in this description:

At Studio C, we take the exchange of information very seriously and understand that good communication starts with careful listening. For this reason, we have developed long term relationships based on trust and respect with our clients and consultants. We also take extra care to ensure that our entire team is informed of the latest developments of our projects, because we know it makes a difference.

At Studio C, we put the sharing of ideas at the center of our design process. This collaborative approach ensures that our team performs at the highest level possible. We know that we always find stronger concepts when we can freely express our creativity and collective knowledge. This style of working also provides a dynamic and pleasant studio environment.

Studio C creates innovative and enduring designs that are born from our reflection on context, relevance, space and materials. Our work is grounded in the specifics of our region. We explore solutions that help our clients envision and realize the possibilities of their projects. We are passionate about our designs and we know they can improve people’s lives and our environment.