SM-Art Tower

SM-Art Tower | Portland, Oregon

Power Generation
Viewing Platform
Restaurant & Ballroom
Retail, Parking & Public Spaces

Project Highlights

  • Public space with 30,000 sf of photo-voltaic panels canopy
  • Vertical axis wind turbines
  • Exhibition space and viewing platform

All viewing towers have program elements at the base and top, but in-between, are simply structural. The SM-Art Tower uses this precious real estate to generate electricity with photo-voltaic panels and vertical axis wind turbines; generating energy where it is most needed – in the center of the city.

At grade, the SM-Art Tower project consists of several public amenities: coffee and gift shops, public restrooms, tower ticketing and a large unenclosed public space covered by a 30,000 square feet, photo-voltaic panel clad, canopy. The lower portion of the tower will be occupied by automated parking used for the structure itself and for the numerous festivals that take place in Waterfront Park during the year. The automated parking is topped by an exhibition space dedicated to green design, sustainable practices, and alternative power-generating devices.

The top of the tower consists of a viewing platform at 610 feet above grade with a ballroom and a two level restaurant above. Between the exhibition “transfer” floor and the top platform, the structure will support 230 vertical axis wind turbines, transforming this viewing tower into a power plant.

The building’s overall transparency and diaphanous qualities are a tribute to the power of wind.

Eric served as Principal and Lead Designer on this project while working at MulvannyG2 Architecture.