Corporate Headquarters Expansion

Corporate Headquarters Expansion | Undisclosed Location

Integration in Existing Neighborhood
Sustainable Design and Materials
Office Interior and Workstation Module
Underground Parking

Project Highlights

  • 550 additional parking stalls
  • 225,300 SF of additional office space and amenities

Studio C Architecture was invited to provide a design proposal to expand an undisclosed corporate headquarters with new buildings composed of diverse program elements and additional parking. The proposed new buildings, by their volumes and locations, complements the aesthetic of the existing campus. They also introduce materials like corten steel, copper, terra cotta, and colored glass to the site. The corten steel and copper planes unite the varying forms of each building. These were chosen for their weathering qualities and their ability to dialog with the existing buildings’ materials and colors.

The office floors were organized to maximize efficiency, flexibility, quality of work environment, and to promote communication. Consistently-sized pods and an interaction spine were conceptualized into a linear layout. These modular clusters of workstations, private offices, and meeting spaces of varying privacy levels could easily be arranged and located according to a team’s needs.

The Studio C team designed a solution that exceeded all of the proposed requirements while also respecting the existing campus’ sense of place and the surrounding neighborhood.