Coquille Cultural Center

Coquille Cultural Center | North Bend, Oregon

Education and Library Spaces
Cultural Resource Center

Project Highlights

  • 18,400 sf education center
  • Respects surrounding land and adjacent wetlands
  • Natural materials
  • Passive heating, cooling and lighting
  • Integrated energy efficient technologies and solar panels

This planned 18,400 square foot facility on tribal land will house the department of education, the library, and the cultural resources center. Its design reflects the fundamental values and the culture of the Coquille Indian Tribe.

This structure rests in harmony with its site, following the existing contours and respecting the adjacent wetlands. The shape of the building is rooted in the Coquille vernacular and compliments the existing tribal Plank house.

The exterior walls and interior finishes are made with natural materials that express the integrity of the project and show the tribe’s commitment to a sustainable future. The building uses energy efficient technologies and is easily maintained. All spaces, including the interior circulation, have access to natural light. The building’s public spaces are designed to rely on natural ventilation for much of the year and the large south facing roof is configured to carry solar panels in the future as funding becomes available.

The design also incorporates multiple spaces where Coquille artifacts can be displayed and enjoyed by all who visit.

Eric directed this project as Principal and Lead Designer while at MulvannyG2 Architecture.